Welcome to Worship at Redeemer Community Church.  We are a community of followers of Jesus that are trying to join God on his mission here in Moncton.

We believe that the centre of God’s mission is worship. We are glad to have you join us in worship this morning. Our hope is that these notes will help you follow along and that they might answer some of your questions.

We try to follow a traditional form of worship, but don’t worry. You can dress however you feel comfortable.


This is (usually) a brief phrase of Greeting from the worship leader, followed by a response from the congregation. It is the traditional way that you can tell that any preliminaries are over and the worship service is about to begin.

Call to Worship

One of the first thing we do each week is read together something called a “Call to Worship”. This is usually (but not always) a passage from the Old Testament book of Psalms. These words are our way of hearing God call out to His people and inviting them to join together in worship.

Prayer of Invocation

This is the first verbal prayer of the service. In this prayer the pastor (or another member of the congregation) asks God to bless our service, those that are not able to be with us due to sickness or travel, and other Christians that are also gathering on this day.

Songs of Praise

Singing is an important part of the Christian Worship service. It is at this point that every single person, regardless of skill, gets to join his or her voice to the heavenly host. So even if we don’t sound like a choir of angels, join in. The words are normally projected onto the wall for you to follow along.

Scripture Reading

This is a portion of Scripture that is read aloud. This is important because it forms the basis for the sermon that will follow. These words should be listened to very closely. If you can follow along in your own Bible, please do. These verses are the words of God —let’s pay close attention.

Confession of Sin

Don’t get nervous, you don’t have to say anything out loud! This is the point in the service when we are reminded that everyone of us has failed. We are all broken. We are all sinners. Think of this as a reminder memo from God to reflect on only your own shortcomings and to ask God to forgive you and give you the courage and strength to do better this coming week by his power.

The final part of this section is when the pastor reminds us all that God does forgive sins. Even yours! He is willing to do so if you confess them and trust Jesus for forgiveness.


It is always free to attend church.  You don’t have to pay to listen to the gospel.  In fact we usually have a bible and some literature we are happy to give you, just ask!  That said we do have expenses, and one of the ways we pay our bills is by the freewill gifts of our members. These are sometimes called tithes. But if you are a visitor, don’t worry about it. We want to get to know you, not your money!

Prayers for the Church and the City

Sometimes called the pastoral prayer, this is when we pray for the issues and concerns of our own church and for other Christians regardless of their denomination. We also believe God wants us to not hide from, but to serve the city of which we are a part. Thus, we also pray for the good of our city.

Children’s Message

We think that kids belong in church. This is why we put so much emphasis on helping them feel comfortable and included. We welcome them to join before the service in a craft time, and during the Service we invite them to the front so that they can hear a brief explanation of our scripture reading in a way that children can understand. Afterwards, children under the age of 7 are invited to an age-appropriate lesson downstairs. Nursery space is provided for small children and infants.


This is the part of the service when the pastor shares the “why” and the “how” of the text that was read a few minutes ago. Here we are challenged and encouraged to give up own desires and passions to trust Jesus.


This is also called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist. It is when we follow Jesus command to “eat this bread, and drink this cup”. This is a moment of sober reflection on our own sinfulness and also of great joy when we consider what Jesus did for us in his death, burial, and resurrection. This is not just for members of our church but for all followers of Jesus that have been baptised in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Listen closely to the words of the pastor to see if this is something for you to participate in. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, just ask after the service for more information about what it all means.

Why are some things in French and some in English?

We live in a city that is historically made up of both Anglophones and Francophones.  And it is no secret that these two groups haven’t always gotten along so well. We think that the church should look like and sound like the people that live in the city. And although the teaching is in English we are trying to sing, pray, and read the scriptures in both French and English. Think of it as practice for when you get to heaven and you will hear God praised in every language!

Who is Jesus? Why is He important to me and my life?

He is God. Even though He knew all about what a mess we were making of this world, He left heaven to live among us. While here He taught us a great deal about how we should live our lives, and about what really matters in this life and the life to come.  But He is much more than simply a wise man, or a moral leader.  He is a loving God.  He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us and our sins, so that we might live again—Just as He rose again from the dead. To learn more about Him and what this means to you, just ask someone at church today how Jesus is changing their life or call Pastor Kevin at  506.961.9507.

How do I find out more about you and what you believe?

Just ask! We believe that questions are important. This is why we include a time for questions most weeks as part of the service. We are a congregation of people that identify with the historic, reformed and presbyterian tradition. To find out what that means, or to ask anything else, just call or text Pastor Kevin at 506.961.9507 or email us at info@redeemercommunitychurch.ca. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions.