Childcare provided

6:30- 8:00


September 17 to December 3

105 Elmwood Drive

Big Group Study Questions

Week Two

24 September, 2015


Read: Judges 2:1-3:6

Please read these verses prior to meeting on Thursday evening.  This will help you reflect on the message from Sunday and it will prepare both your mind and your heart for our time together.


Sermon Review:  


  • Did anything stand out to you as a new insight?  
  • In what way were you challenged to see your life and calling in a fresh way?
  • What part of the scripture or the sermon challenged you to live and speak the Gospel to your neighbours?


Discussion Questions:

Read Judges 2:1-3:6.  This shows us how the people of Israel fell into Idolatry.


  1. What was the main reason that the Israelites were to “drive out” and not “make a covenant” with the residents?  (cf 2:2-3)
  2. If Yahweh is the true God, how can false gods be a “thorn and a snare”?        

Read Judges 2:6-19.  List the (four) stages of decline and fall that israel goes through.  

Note:these were listed in the sermon.  Also, see 3:7-9 for a restatement of these stages are repeated.


Read Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 20-23; also review Judges 2:7-10


  1. What are some ways that one generation may fail to pass on the faith to their children?


  1. Did you have Christian parents? (discuss the differing experiences of those in the group that did & did not have Christian parents)


  1. Remembering that it is impossible to “lay blame” specifically with any one action or lack, what are some of the that one generation might fail to pass on the faith?


How do we approach our Mission here in Moncton in light of these lessons?

Gospel Living in a Multicultural City + Redeemer Community Church, Fall 2015

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